Friday, January 15, 2010

Be Mine Valentine - Heart Felt Jewelery

Good day all! I've been in the studio creating from the Heart! After the dizziness of Christmas has for the most part passed, it's winter nesting time which brings the heart home and announces Valentine's Day. I've created several pieces with hearts, some new designs and others a heart-take on some popular MetalRocks designs such as my Silver Hammered Hearts with a Tail!

Enjoy a browse thru my shop and please comment as I dearly love to receive feedback.

Until next time, when our topic will be To Stamp or Not to Stamp - What Does the 925 or SS stamp Declare?

All the Best

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thank You for a Wonderful 2009 and Introducing New Designs for 2010!

2009 was quite the year for my Etsy Shop and I have all of you to thank. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU - from the bottom of my heart! My sales increased every month in 2009 even during the summer when I closed my shop and went on holidays. Absolutely amazing!! Without the support of family members, friends, everyone at Etsy, my Twitter-mates, my blog followers and all my customers this would not be possible. I am so grateful for everyone and everything I have been blessed with in 2009!!

For the 2010 Season I have introduced 18 new designs and I hope you love them as much as I did making them. I'm really proud of the Well Healed Collection and all the other new designs plus I have a sketchbook of ideas ready to be made. I'm going to upgrade some of the 2009 designs but I will leave the Goddess Tear Falling Behind series and the Maria's Goddess Tear Studs listed due to the tremendous interest these 2 styles afforded last year.

Along with new designs, logo and business cards you can expect more blogging regarding the jewellery industry from the prospective of the artist. Jewellery has almost over-taken the Christmas fairs, outdoor markets and both Etsy and Ebay have strong jewellery sellers - not to forget chain stores that can sell at a fraction of the price it often cost me to make an item. How does an artist stay in business and compete with the countless competition? As well, I hope to provide some discussion on shopping for jewellery and some simple but insightful questions and answers that I know people would appreciate.

Thanks again everyone for a fabulous 2009 and here's hoping that 2010 is the best year yet for one and all!!!