Monday, April 5, 2010


It's raining silver! I've been in the studio working on new designs this winter and totally loved it! Thanks to last year's success, I was able to purchase some new equipment and therefore expand the many processes available to me.

The petals in the petite studs shown are made of up of little hearts - so cute for spring and perfect for Mother's Day! I'm making a pair for my Teen because they are work nicely for a young girl as well! I love that kind of versatility in a design.

I made the beautiful When Silver Blooms, which are currently featured in my shop, with my brand new dapping set! I made the Silver Bells too, which possess an absolutely delightful tingle! Too much fun!

I took a week off right after the Olympics, so I'm just getting back into the flow of things! I'm working on a brand new item which I simply can't wait to launch - think Football!!! I'm a huge CFL fan and I'm finally allowing myself to marry them up! Look for that in the next few weeks!

This week I'm concentrating of the new designs for Spring because it's finally HERE! My shop has been slow and that has afforded me this time to create! It feeds the Soul so well!

Speaking of feeding the Soul - please check out Owning Pink! It's a fabulous site dedicated to being the most authentic being you can and thereby achieving the things you truly WANT not things you think you should! The Mojo Tips alone are worth signing up for! I am working on a piece to gift Lissa Rankin the totally awesome co-founder and human being! Highly recommended!

Thanks again for all the support - you all ROCK!

Many Smiles to you ALL!