Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tis the Season

Good day all! Well it's upon us, the Christmas season, and my shop is buzzing. Sales have increased substantially and my family is getting meals prepared on the weekend and frozen. I'm happy, but the family, not so much! :-)

I've done a few new things including joining the EtsyCanada team and advertising at IndieNorth a wonderful site dedicated to promoting Canadian artists.

I like to buy local so my thinking floated to, why not try to sell locally. My Etsy store was already established and doing nicely, but my Canadian sales were a small trickle. I found my answer on Twitter, where I met Beth, the wonderfully creative and industrious lady who is the force behind IndieNorth. Beth is a delightful Tweeter and gave me the wonderful hint to add the word 'Canadian' as a tag in my Etsy shop, plus a placed a very reasonably priced ad on the IndieNorth site and my Canadian sales have easily tripled! Thank you IndieNorth and Beth! I recommend all Canadian artists check this site out.

This week, I was contacted by Christina of Akane Designs who has kindly accomplished all the necessary administrative work to set up a new Etsy Team, called EtsyCanada of which I am happy to say, I am now a proud member. I'm looking forward to getting to know more Canadian artists from across the country and promoting our creations together. I'm super excited!!

That said, with sales soaring, I must get back to the studio! 'Tis the Season' and artists around the world are in high production and high promotion mode. Did I mention how much I LOVE IT!!! :-)

Have a great day and remember: Today is the tomorrow you've been waiting for! ENJOY!