Friday, July 10, 2009

MetalRocks Update

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! I've been a busy artist and have sadly neglected my blog for too long! An update is in order.

I had a marvelous time at the NorthWestern Astrology Conference in Seattle, Washington meeting both new friends and old. The conference was coordinated very well and the people attending had much to share. A very worthwhile and extremely regenerating experience. Plus I sold several pieces of jewellery from my Etsy shop and in person!

Since, I've had my daughter's school year end which meant lots of horse events and ceremony AND I've been working in my studio pretty much non-stop. I've not taken a day off in so long and still didn't seem to have time for my blog. I will not neglect you so long again my friends.

Lately I've been working with some very old ways of making jewellery; reticulation and fusion. The earrings pictured utilize both. Reticulation is the process of melting the surface of metal creating a pattern that appears wrinkled. Fusion is the art of joining metals in liquid form, in other words without solder. I'm having so much fun and will be creating my Christmas lines from these processes. I'm thoroughly enjoying myself in the studio these days!

Please check out my new Silver Drop Collection, which is the hybrid of my MetalRocks and Goddess Tears Collections. Very simple and elegant I so enjoy making these lovely Silver Drops. The pendant shown looks so beautiful that the store who carries my work, Manila Tag purchased both earrings and pendants, always a plus for an artist.

On a personal level, it's football and golfing season, both of which get me outdoors and out of the studio. I find it difficult to leave the studio only because I LOVE what I do, but my family and truth be known, I too, know that a healthy balance is needed. It worked so well that my family who used to complain about my golfing and football obsessions now encourages them!! A marvelous bonus!!

I have a few orders to mail and I'm going golfing! Have a wonderful day and we'll talk soon!!


  1. Hi Sharon, I just nominated your blog for an attitude & gratitude award. The details are on my blog!
    Hugs & blessings,
    Caryl :)

  2. I am awarding you with a One Lovely Blog award. This was awarded to me by The Crystal Lady. Now, I'm passing it on to you because I love your blog!

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