Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter Weekend!

It's been an exhausting week, but I finally got the first order to Manila Tag. I feel much better, but still have several pieces to make. As well, I've been trying to ensure my on-line store has daily new feature items if possible. It hasn't always been possible. I worked until 1:30AM last night and feel a little more caught up.

I decided to take Maria's lovely idea to make the Maria's Goddess Tear Studs with a 14K gold tail and a solid silver stud. I think the woman should design jewellery. The results are pictured and I think absolutely lovely.

I must run as I yesterday's turkey needs to be made into stew plus the Masters is on AND Canada is playing in the semi-finals in the curling. What's a girl to do but grab a beer and hit the tube. The turkey can wait!

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