Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fun on Vancouver Island

Hi everyone! I've been a bit busy however I'm finally getting organized. The store in Victoria, Manila Tag, is doing well and already want more pieces. My Etsy store has been selling nice and steady and all I want to do is play golf!!

I'm slowing down jewellery production as the weather has improved and after months of ugly grey skies and SNOW of all things, I need to be outside. On Vancouver Island we get a couple of snow storms a season but the snow has never stayed longer than a week or two. This year we had snow from December 12, 2008 until the first week of April 2009!! I swear I had cabin fever!!

I've been playing a bit of golf however with hubby just learning the game we've actually played some Par3 courses, something I have never done in my life! The guy uses his putter for anything 10 yards near the green!! *sigh* I tell him he'll never improve his short game that way, but I think he's more concerned with the score and trying to beat mine!! I'll really eat it once he starts to beat me. I think it's time to up my game!! Smile.

I'm still working in the studio, just not as much. I've taken the Maria's Goddess Tears probably as far as the design will allow. Pictured is the last rendition made with geniune pearls. They look so lovely on!!

I need to put in about an hour in the studio to meet my orders, then I ship and I'm off to play 9 because that's all I have time for. And I'm going by myself, so let's see who I draw today!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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