Saturday, March 14, 2009

Parent Panic - Thrilling Week of Sales

This week has been thrilling for MetalRocks on Etsy. People are finally finding me! Some of my designs have really taken off, especially the Goddess Tear Mini Studs! I shipped pieces to the UK, Australia, USA and Canada this week! If I can't afford the ticket, at least my work is seeing the world!

As well, the pendant pictured is called Imagine, as neither my husband nor I could agree with what we see in the piece so I decided not to try and lock down our or anyone else's creative interpretation. The process is one of my favourite (ok I admit I'm a melting metal junkie!!) called fusion. Suffice to say it was a satisfying fun week creatively.

On the parenting front, I'm wincing. My daughter, Kat, is turning 12 at the end of the month and I'm trying to prepare a party, sleepover, or whatever. Communication is not thriving. I'm suddenly feeling old, outdated, trend ignorant, and my daughter told me she and her friends think I have similar characteristics to her teacher. I didn't dare ask if they liked the teacher!! I can see them rolling their eyes when I try to chum around with them and of course all conversation stops when I appear, letting me know I couldn't possibly understand what they are going thru!! My feelings were smarting and then I started to remember; something that now takes effort!

I remembered ME. Me at twelve. It was more fun to look back nostalgically than realistically. I somehow felt it was necessary for me to understand a stage in my life so I could understand that stage in my daughter's. I got out the wine!

I was a head-strong kid and by the time I was twelve I was listening to no one. Luckily I was smarter than I was brave, so that helped save me at times. Back then people didn't talk about hormones or even mention 'that time of the month', these were all secrets. Remember Cathy Rigby and those tampon commercials and what a scandal it all was. I am embarrassed at what I put my poor unsophisicated mother through. I made only the most mandatory appearances at home and the rest of the time, well I don't even want to mention because my daughter will likely read this.

So after my little trip down memory lane, I realized while Kat may be changing, so are the times. Conversation may stop when I appear but I am still smarter than I am brave. I simply hide and LISTEN. Kat and her friends are totally interesting, definitely more advanced than I was, more conscious of who they are and where they are going, and very frank about hormones, boys, etc. It's all fascinating stuff and way better than TV! After all - all is fair in love and war...AND PARENTING!!!

Enjoy your day!!

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