Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

What a weekend! I was feeling down due to no sales and so much effort! I am delighted to state I have sold several dozen pieces to a store in Victoria, BC, Canada. I will announce their Grand Opening as soon as the dates are firmed. I couldn't be happier with the flavour of the store or the people involved.

I have never let go of so many creations at once and as I tagged everything last night I was feeling a bit melancholy. I have sold to stores before, but never this quantity! I feel truly blessed today. AND they want more! I still have to make rings in several sizes for the second component of the order.

I now have all these creative ideas roaming around as I try to focus on a spreadsheet. The mundane aspects of having one's own business. And I must get it done as I'm going to the Lower Mainland of BC for a week of visiting, shopping and sushi!! I fully intend to get a manicure as my hands are rough and most of my nails have been gouged into by a file or just broken off period! My artist hands deserve a vacation too!!

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